What to Expect

What Can I Expect When I Visit?

First and foremost, you can expect to be welcomed, loved, and celebrated from the very first moment you walk through the doors and every time to follow! We love people!

How Long is Your Services

You can expect our gatherings to last (a short 1 ½ Hours)
Praise & Worship
Expect to experience a great balance of fresh presence-driven praise and worship, where the Holy Spirit is always invited, welcomed, and celebrated. Our worship team is sincere and passionate about sharing songs that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage us as His people. You can also expect a mixture of traditional worship as well.

Prayer Time

We share an amazing prayer time (approx. 15 minutes) where you can agree with those around you in prayer. Usually in small groups of about 4.


You will be given the opportunity to give back to God as an expression of your love and faith for God’s kingdom and the work of this ministry through your generous financial contributions, tithes, and offerings. 


You can expect to receive a transforming word that will spiritually feed, uplift, and challenge you to accept God’s best for you and your family’s lives! The teaching will be practical and relevant!

Are You a Denomination?

We are Interdenominational. This vernacular means we welcome men and women from precious faith and diverse denominational backgrounds. Our members include people from many different religious backgrounds, including those without religious experience. Whether you are brand new to Christianity or someone who’s searching for a new church home, you are welcome to worship with us! 

Do You Have Something for My Kids and Teens?

As we are a new extension, we are currently building a volunteer staff, and we hope to have this available to our families soon. We will, each Sunday, have activity packs for families with children.

Is There a Dress Code?

Come as you are. Most people dress casually, but if you are a business person, please feel free to come in your business attire. Rest assured. We will be glad to see you whenever you are in your jeans and tennis shoes or your slacks, suit, tie, or sweater. We ask that you dress in a way that does not dishonor the house of God or offend others.

Will I Fit In?

Everyone Is Welcome! Expect to meet extraordinary people like you who come from just about every walk of life. You can look forward to meeting great people deeply in love with God and one another. We are one big family comprised of people from our local communities who all come from various walks and stages of life.